NDPHS e-newsletter addresses prison health

The most recent issue of the Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being (NDPHS) e-newsletter focuses on prison health in the Northern Dimension area and includes an interview with Dr Lars Møller, former Programme Manager of the WHO Health in Prisons Programme (HIPP). The e-newsletter also features an article by the NDPHS Prison Health Expert Group about the importance of using the time people spend in state detention centres to improve their health status. This aim is shared by the WHO HIPP, which works to encourage all prison health services to reach standards equivalent to those in the wider community.

The e-newsletter also provides information about the cross-border transfer of e-health data in the Baltic Sea Region and the outcomes of a seminar devoted to this topic. In addition, it features articles on new approaches to the treatment of addicted prisoners in Latvia; hepatitis C and treatment in Swedish prisons; and the conditions of incarcerated mothers and their children in prisons in the Russian Federation.

About the NDPHS

The NDPHS is a cooperative effort of 10 governments, the European Commission and 8 international organizations. The NDPHS aims to support cooperation and coordination in 2 priority fields: reducing the spread of major communicable diseases and preventing lifestyle-related noncommunicable diseases; and enhancing people’s levels of social well-being and promoting socially rewarding lifestyles.