AFEW International

Legal basis (mandates) and mission

AFEW International is an international network of civil society organizations that is dedicated to improving the health of key populations. With a focus on eastern Europe and central Asia, AFEW International strives to promote health and increase access to prevention, treatment and care for public health concerns, such as HIV, tuberculosis (TB), viral hepatitis and sexual and reproductive health.

AFEW International's strategic approach includes:

  • advocating for human rights for key populations and protecting the rights to health;
  • decreasing stigma of HIV/AIDS by providing information to community leaders and creating a supportive environment;
  • utilizing innovative strategies to promote healthy behaviours; and
  • engaging communities in developing participatory approaches.

The vision of the AFEW-network is a world where all people, regardless of their role in society, habits or their HIV status, have access to health care and other services that give them the opportunity to achieve their full potential. As such, through its work, the members of the AFEW-network employ a set of core values.

Topics of interest in the prison setting

  • HIV/AIDS and TB collaborative services
  • Vulnerable groups
  • Sustainability
  • Re-entry

Strategic operations

  • HIV direct services
  • Network meetings
  • Media campaigns/advocacy
  • Project implementation
  • Capacity building

Role in prisons

  • Work together with ministries of justice, prison health experts, prison administrations, medical and non-medical staff, inmates and local nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to build local capacity and ensure that people living within prison facilities have the same access to information and quality services as those living outside prison walls.
  • Provide HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support to prisoners.
  • Develop curricula and influence policy through participation in working groups and international conferences.
  • Introduce discharge planning and client management to ensure continuity of care and services upon release.

Target groups

  • Incarcerated people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Young offenders
  • Prison administrations
  • Local NGOs
  • Policy-makers

Geographic region of focus

Eastern Europe and central Asia