Review of national Finnish health promotion policies and recommendations for the future




For more information please contact Dr Erio Ziglio at the WHO European Office for Investment for Health and Development in Venice at e-mail:

The Venice Office was set up to advise Member States in the WHO European Region on understanding and acting upon the social and economic determinants of health.

There is increasing evidence that economic wealth and people’s health are closely linked. Social and economic determinants play the major role in
influencing the health of populations, whether through poverty, employment, education, housing, or the many other factors that shape people’s daily lives.

The Venice Office works in three main areas:

  • Research and development - review, monitoring and dissemination of research on social and economic determinants and their impact on the patterns of ill health.
  • Country services - providing services to European Member States to increase their capacity to invest for health.
  • Information material - developing and disseminating evidence through specially designed information about knowledge and know-how in the area of social and economic determinants.