Mission to Ukraine promotes communication for health

Ministry of Health of Ukraine

A high-level communications team from WHO/Europe visited Ukraine on 4–6 June 2013 to discuss communications and social-mobilization initiatives in the country.

"I am confident that, through your assistance, we can develop a meaningful strategy that will guide us in providing communications support for immunization," said Raisa Bogatyryova, Minister of Health of Ukraine, at a meeting with Lucianne Licari, Executive Manager, Country Relations and Corporate Communications, and Ina Parvanova, Regional Adviser, Communications, from WHO/Europe.

WHO/Europe will support the Ministry in developing a communications strategy and training communications staff to improve people’s understanding of the importance of immunization and other public health initiatives.

Dr Licari also recognized the Ministry’s work in developing Health 2020 at the national level, and encouraged the Minister to share her experiences in implementing the policy framework with other countries in the European Region.

The biennial collaborative agreement for 2014–2015 on areas of work between WHO and Ukraine was also discussed during the mission. It is due to be completed in September.