Future public health experts in Skopje examine role of Health 2020 in health system development

Post-graduate students of public health discussed the European Health 2020 policy framework and its implementation at country level on 23 June 2014 in a lively discussion with the Head of the WHO Country Office in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Ms Snezhana Chichevalieva.

The discussion followed a lecture on this topic given by Ms Chichevalieva at the Institute for Social Medicine at the Medical Faculty in Skopje.

After the discussion, one student said “It interconnects everything that we learn within public health post-graduate studies”. The students were interested in receiving regular lectures on the role of Health 2020 policies in positively influencing the development of the health system.

Professors Donco Donev and Mome Spasovski of the Institute are national technical focal points for WHO collaboration in the areas of noncommunicable diseases and tobacco control, respectively.