Implementation of Health 2020 in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia


left: Ms Snezhana Chichevalieva, Head of WHO Country Office, right: Ms Maja Parnardgieva – Zmejkova, Director, Health Insurance Fund

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is working intensively on developing a roadmap for implementation of the national Health 2020 policy in the country, in line with the WHO Health 2020 policy framework. WHO aims to support this all-inclusive participatory process of improving the health of the population and setting health higher on the political agenda.

Within the scope of these activities, Ms Snezhana Chichevalieva, Head of the WHO Country Office in the country met with key stakeholders on 22 August 2014.

Meeting with Prime Minister’s Office

In a meeting with Dr Aleksandar Mitov, Health Advisor of the Prime Minister, Dr Mitov expressed gratitude for WHO support in development of the national Health Strategy 2020, which includes policies and action plans on noncommunicable diseases, environment and health and public health. He pointed out the importance of the whole-of-a-government approach to improving health determinants and reducing health inequities. “The strategic benefit of the whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach is becoming more and more evident,” said Mr Mitov.

Ms Chichevalieva elaborated on WHO activities related to development of the Health 2020 strategy for the country. She explained that “the Health 2020 policy framework represents a great opportunity for the country as a guide and tool to significantly improve the health and well-being of the population and to support cooperation with other sectors and society, thus addressing some of the most challenging public health issues and inequities in the country.”

Meeting with the Director of the Health Insurance Fund

In a separate meeting with Ms Maja Parnardzieva–Zmejkova, Director of the national Health Insurance Fund, Ms Chichevalieva pointed out that the Health 2020 policy framework details a variety of innovative and effective ways to address today’s complex public health challenges, design better health funding arrangements and enhance governance for health.

Ms Parnardzieva–Zmejkova said WHO technical expertise is of special interest in addressing rational use of drugs, pharmaco-economics, patient safety and public health services. In addition, Ms Parnardgieva–Zmejkova, expressed willingness for further cooperation with WHO and involvement of the Fund in the process of development of the national Health 2020 strategy. Ms Parnardgieva–Zmejkova also welcomed WHO support in building broader partnerships for health at national level.