On the road to Health 2020 policy targets: Monitoring qualitative indicators. An update. (2017)




Member States approved the Health 2020 policy at the 62nd session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe in 2012. Subsequently, Member States agreed on a set of targets and indicators and a monitoring process for the policy at the 63rd session of the Regional Committee in 2013, with 2010 set as the baseline. Core and additional indicators were defined to measure progress towards six targets of Health 2020 implementation.

Member States of the WHO European Region are now in the second half of the implementation period of the Health 2020 policy framework. This is a time of further strengthening of the values and principles of Health 2020 in policy-making for health and well-being while taking into account global and European challenges such as migration and global emergencies. At the same time, Member States will also commence national implementations of the global Agenda 2030 for sustainable development and the associated Sustainable Development Goals.