3. What are the key features of the 2030 Agenda and of the SDGs?

The main characteristics and novelties of the new agenda, and of its Goals, include:

  • It has an “unprecedented scope”: it tackles all sectors and addresses the three pillars of sustainable development - therefore all social, environmental and economic determinant of health;
  • It is “integrated and indivisible”: progress in one area is related to progress in other areas. Health targets are therefore distributed across all goals, and the integrated nature of the SDGs provides new legitimacy for addressing the wider determinants of health;
  • It is inclusive, aiming to “leave no one behind”: it has a focus on equity and on reaching all people, including those that are hardest to access. This focus on equity is distributed across all goals and reflected by the need for disaggregated measures;
  • It is “global in nature and universally applicable”, i.e. it is relevant to all countries, both developed and developing, with common but differentiated responsibilities.Goals and targets take into account different national realities, capacities, and levels of development. Each Government is asked to set its own national targets guided by the global level of ambition but taking into account national circumstances.