Azerbaijan observes World Health Day through public awareness campaign

Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society

Members of the Azerbaijan Youth and Children Peace Network learn about blood pressure measurement

A series of public awareness activities, including free blood pressure measurement camps, marked World Health Day in Azerbaijan. The Public Health and Reforms Centre (PHRC) organized the camp in the Baku Park Boulevard Center with technical and financial support of the WHO Country Office.

Apart from measuring blood pressure of visitors to the park, PHRC staff distributed information material and gifts to the public to raise awareness about hypertension. The local and national media covered the events. 

The Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society organized two educational events for children and teenagers using WHO material on high blood pressure. The participants were explained the symptoms of hypertension and the process taking place in blood vessels. Preventative measures such as reducing daily consumption of salt, increasing physical activity, avoiding cigarette smoking, keeping healthy weight, and consuming food containing potassium were described.

The young participants were shown the techniques for measuring blood pressure, which evoked great interest. They took the opportunity to have their blood pressure measured.