Croatia celebrates World Health Day with week-long activities


WHD Croatian officials speak to journalists on the occasion of World Health Day

A week full of health promotion activities marked World Health Day 2013 in Croatia. The activities organized in Zagreb, Rijeka, Osijek, Split and other cities focused on high blood pressure, the theme for World Health Day this year.

As part of the Health Week from 5 to 12 April, the Zagreb City Office for Health and Veterans' Affairs in collaboration with Red Cross Zagreb and the Nursing and Medical Services at Home offered citizens free measurement of blood pressure, blood sugar, and BMI (body mass index). These services were offered at doctors’ clinics, business offices, health centres, retirement homes and on Red Cross premises.

At a press conference in Zagreb, the Director of the Zagreb Institute for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation, Dr Mirjana Jembrek Gostović, gave an overview of hypertension as one of the factors for cardiovascular disease. She stressed the need to raise awareness and sensitize the public on the proper intake of salt, which contributes to the regulation of blood pressure.

Nationwide health promotion activities

The Head of the ICT Department of Emergency Medicine of the City of Zagreb/Dispatch Centre, Dr Slobodanka Keleuva, presented the "Save a life" project. The institute placed 6500 posters at public places and in public transport, schools, libraries, theatres, museums and sports facilities in Zagreb to raise awareness about first aid procedures.

A number of health promotion activities took place in other parts of Croatia during the week, including bicycle rides; walking and rolling to promote healthy and environmentally friendly ways of transportation; distribution of leaflets and brochures on health promotion; and consultation on healthy diets.

Many organizations participated in these events: Red Cross Society of the City of Zagreb, Croatia Nurses Association (HUMS), Croatian National Institute of Public Health, Polyclinic for Cardiovascular Diseases Prevention and Rehabilitation Zagreb, Croatian Food (HAH), Institution for Home Health Care, Institute of Emergency Medicine of the City of Zagreb, NGO "CHANGE", Association for the Prevention of Overweight, HEART Society, Association of Free Masseurs, and the Scout group from the New Zagreb. The Croatian National Institute of Public Health also organized a round table on hypertension and salt.