Cyprus holds awareness campaign on hypertension

Ministry of Health, Cyprus/Tasos Ioannou

Participants at hypertension awareness campaign in Cyprus

Public awareness activities in rural primary health care centers and public hospitals all over Cyprus were part of a national campaign to sensitize citizens about hypertension on the occasion of World Health Day.

Patients called in to check their blood pressure and received health advice on how to adopt healthy habits that reduce the risk of hypertension. The theme for World Health Day in 2013 is high blood pressure, also known as raised blood pressure or hypertension.

Between 8 and 12 April, health officers visited public schools distributing material related to healthy lifestyles and prevention of hypertension. They invited young children to participate in the educational exercise “Love your Heart” which aims to create healthy attitudes under life course approach.

The Ministry of Health together with the Medical Associations of Cyprus and the University of Nicosia organized a scientific seminar on 4 April to inform health professionals working in primary health care about the most important aspects and guidelines of modern hypertension prevention and treatment.

At a press conference, Minister of Health Dr Petros Petrides urged people to adopt healthy lifestyles through the life course  putting special emphasis on prevention.

On 26 April, a presentation by Public Health Services officers took place at the Educational School of Consumers, presenting the new guidelines and efforts made about labelling food packages with the information about salt level.