Georgia holds events to raise awareness about hypertension


United Nations staff had blood pressure checked in Tbilisi

A number of activities were organized during the first week of April as part of a national information and communication campaign in Georgia on the occasion of World Health Day. The theme for World Health Day in 2013 is high blood pressure, also known as raised blood pressure or hypertension.

The public information campaign included free measurement of blood pressure for the public at the Parliament, ministries, universities, medical facilities, drugstores and banks, etc. Free consultations with doctors and discounts on anti-hypertension drugs and some laboratory tests were also offered during the week.

With support from the National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health, the WHO Country Office organized for the United Nations staff in Tbilisi an opportunity for having blood pressure checked and consulting doctors. Information material was distributed at these events.

Media participated in the campaign with TV channels broadcasting talk shows on the topic of hypertension. The topic was also the theme of two scientific conferences held in Tbilisi and Kutaisi. The Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs jointly organized these events with the National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health and with support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).