Workshop on implementation of the Package of essential noncommunicable (PEN) disease interventions for primary health care in the central Asian republics, 8–9 October 2015




A workshop held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on 8–9 October 2015 reviewed progress with the implementation of the WHO Package of essential noncommunicable (WHO PEN) disease interventions, with a specific focus on implementation of the WHO PEN protocol 3 on chronic respiratory diseases. The Meeting was organized by the WHO Regional Office for Europe in the context of the Project on the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases (NCD Project), financed through a voluntary contribution of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. It aimed to support member countries in the implementation of the WHO PEN protocols and to establish a platform for regular discussion of issues of common interest in their implementation. Participants also attended two symposia organized by the International Primary Care Respiratory Group, taking place at the same time. The outcome was a plan for developing this community of practice further to provide support with the implementation of the WHO PEN and its protocols.