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Mental health is everyone’s business; it affects the lives of people living with mental problems, their careers, and the productivity of society as a whole. The mental health programme at WHO/Europe works with Member States and other partners to develop and implement national mental health policies and plans that reflect the WHO vision of “no health without mental health”.

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World Mental Health Day focuses on preventing suicide across the Region

Several countries of the WHO European Region highlighted the scale of suicide around the world to mark World Mental Health Day on 10 October. This day also ended the “40 seconds of action” campaign on suicide prevention.


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Designing care together with and centred around people: July’s story

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Improving mental health through integration with NCD management and prevention

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“I think that until a person experiences some kind of disability, they hardly know their inner, hidden qualities“.

Users and ex-users of mental health services in the WHO European Region agreed to share their personal experiences.

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9 out of 10 countries

The number of countries with the highest rates of suicide in the world are in the European Region.

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