European action networks on salt and on reducing marketing pressure on children meet in Lisbon, Portugal

The Directorate-General of Health of Portugal is the host of back-to-back meetings of the European Salt Action Network and the European Action Network for Reducing Marketing Pressure on Children in Lisbon on 20–22 April 2016.

The meetings will address a broad range of issues, ranging from consumer acceptability of reduced salt products to an innovative database describing the nutritional composition of foods available in the European markets. Participants will also discuss new approaches to reduce the amount of digital marketing to children for foods high in fats, salt and sugar.

Member States will provide updates on their work, including:

  • Portugal's ambitious new legislation on food marketing to children;
  • front-of-pack labelling initiatives to communicate nutrition information to consumers; and
  • Slovenia's adaptation of the "WHO Regional Office for Europe nutrient profile model" for food marketing restrictions.

Experts will give updates on the state-of-the-art research in relation to measuring salt intake, technical feasibility and practical limits of product reformulation, and novel methodologies to monitor children's actual exposure to online food marketing, which has become more pervasive and personalized.

About the action networks

Action networks bring together Member States with a particular interest in these topics, and collectively they have worked together with the support of WHO/Europe since 2008. The action networks provide a forum for information sharing, exchange of experience between countries, and facilitate input and updates from leading global experts.

Switzerland chairs the European Salt Action Network and, since 2015, Portugal chairs the European Action Network for Reducing Marketing Pressure on Children.