First national conference on nutrition and physical activity in Slovenia

At the first national conference on nutrition and physical activity in Slovenia, held on 17 October 2016, participants discussed obesity prevention, promotion of healthy food choices, creating environments that enhance physical activity, and the importance of nutrition for successful treatment of diseases. In light of the European member-states plans for nutrition environments – which include harmonization of data collection and surveillance, updated regulations on food marketing and packaging, and elimination of trans fats, salt and sugar consumption – Dr João Breda, programme manager of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity in WHO/Europe, made a presentation on how the WHO European Region can reach the diet-, nutrition- and physical activity-related global targets of at least 10% relative reduction of insufficient physical activity, 30% reduction in salt intake and a halt in the rise of obesity in children and adolescents.

Achievements at national level

The conference, organised by the Slovenian government, included an overview of the national trends and of the progress in several areas, particularly regarding promotion of healthy nutrition and physical activity. Progress in specific areas was highlighted, for example:

  • by 2015 Slovenia stabilised and reversed the upward trend in childhood obesity;
  • the objectives in the field of food safety were achieved, and followed by setting objectives for a sustainable local food supply;
  • effective legislation in the fields of sustainable local food supply and healthy nutrition were suggested for positive change;
  • regulations and institutionalised measures were the most successful in impacting sustainable local food supply and healthy nutrition; and
  • pronounced achievements were seen in effective communication and cooperation between stakeholders by the use of supporting documents, guidelines and tools.

To highlight the progress, Slovenia launched, with the support of WHO Regional Office for Europe, the report Evaluating implementation of the resolution on the Slovenian food and nutrition action plan 2005–2010, upgraded evaluation, 2016.