WHO/Europe supports Member States as they work towards fulfilling their policy commitments. Countries can request support for activities such as:

  • establishing national targets;
  • drawing up national intersectoral action plans or regulatory measures to comply with global or regional mandates on tobacco, alcohol, nutrition and physical activity, and ensuring their implementation;
  • assessing health systems; and
  • monitoring progress.

WHO/Europe facilitates implementation by:

  • sharing good practices and offering expertise from across the WHO European Region;
  • contributing to training and consultation workshops;
  • providing courses and other forms of capacity-building;
  • evaluating action and progress under national plans; and
  • producing documentation.

If national action plans are to be effective and sustainable, they need to extend beyond the health-care sector to address transport, nutrition, business, education, the environment, housing and the law. Their strength is derived from their evidence base, and their ability to engage many stakeholders, professionals and decision-makers.