"Health Systems, Health and Wealth"

Health and wealth are intrinsically entwined. The wealthier we are as individuals and as countries, and the better our working and living conditions, the more likely we are to enjoy good health. Good health also contributes to economic development and wealth at both the individual and the national levels. If we are healthy, we are more likely to be in work and be productive, less likely to retire early and, of course, be happier. So, investing in effective health systems should improve people’s health, leading in turn to economic development and greater social well-being.

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Tallinn Charter

The Tallinn Charter: Health Systems for Health and Wealth

At the Conference, WHO, Member States and a range of international partners adopted the Tallinn Charter: Health Systems for Health and Wealth.

10th Anniversary of the Tallinn conference

Health Systems for Prosperity and Solidarity: leaving no one behind

13-14 June 2018, Tallinn, Estonia

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