Seventh Futures Forum on unpopular decisions in public health




The WHO Regional Office for Europe (WHO/EURO) convened a “WHO European Ministerial Conference on Health Systems: Health Systems, Health and Wealth”, in Tallinn, Estonia (25-27 June 2008), hosted by the Ministry of Health of Estonia. The Conference was organized in response to the resolution EUR/RC55/R8 adopted by the WHO Regional Committee for Europe at its fifty-fifth session in 2005. In preparation for this Ministerial Conference on Health Systems, a series of preparatory events on themes of critical importance to health systems across Europe were scheduled.

The objective was to provide guidance and a strategic framework for strengthening health systems throughout the WHO European Region. The decision of engaging Member States in developing a European Charter on Health Systems was endorsed by senior representatives from Ministries of Health who attended the first preparatory meeting in Brussels in March 2007, and a Charter Drafting Group has been set up to that end. After due preparatory work, the first meeting of the Charter Drafting Group took place in Gastein, Austria, on October 6, 2007.