Themes and topics

The 2008 International Healthy Cities Conference in Zagreb addressed city leadership and local action for health and sustainable development from five main perspectives:

  • determinants of health
  • citizens’ needs
  • policy
  • governance
  • management and implementation.

It covered the following topics and cross-cutting themes:

Health on the agenda of cities:
  • leadership and governance
  • partnerships
  • managing change and innovation
  • networking
  • city diplomacy and cities as global agents of change
  • health impact assessment;
Equity and participation:
  • tolerance, solidarity, inclusion, poverty
  • active citizenship, empowerment
  • access to care and support
  • vulnerable groups, older people, children, migrants;
Healthy living:
  • active living, physical activity, nutrition
  • leisure and the Internet
  • obesity
  • tobacco, alcohol, drugs, HIV/AIDS
  • chronic diseases, mental health, injuries, disability
  • healthy settings
  • social marketing;
Healthy urban planning:
  • urban design
  • housing, regeneration, transport
  • environmental healt
  • climate change
  • public health emergencies;
Urban development:
  • quality of life and security
  • economic development and liveability
  • happiness and creativity
  • globalization;
Special themes:
  • climate change and the role of cities
  • healthy urban design;
  • tobacco-free cities
  • ageing-friendly cities.