Second High-level Preparatory Meeting, Madrid, Spain, 22-24 October 2008

WHO/Vitali Shkaruba

The second of the three high-level meetings dedicated to preparing the Fifth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health addressed ensuring clean air and protection from chemicals, noise and other harmful exposures (Regional Priority Goals 3 and 4 of the Children’s Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe (CEHAPE)). Relevant country experiences and lessons learnt were shared.

Priority areas included:

  • working with new stakeholders (nongovernmental organizations and the private sector);
  • tools for policy-making (economic assessment tools);
  • the specific needs of the newly independent states (NIS) and of south-eastern European (SEE) countries.

A coordination meeting for the youth involvement process was held during the lunch breaks of 23 and 24 October to plan activities towards the Conference.

The Meeting was also part of an Environment and Health Week and took place back-to-back with the International Public Health Symposium on “Science for policy, policy for science: bridging the gap”.

The Environment and Health Committee (EEHC) met in an executive session to review the progress achieved in the preparations and agree on next steps.