Briefing of RHN members on Health 2020 developments

28 January 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark

During this meeting WHO staff from Policy and Cross-cutting Programmes and Regional Director's Special Projects briefed the members of the Regions for Health Network (RHN) steering committee on the Health 2020 development process. They also exchanged ideas about the RHN work plan, constitution, and membership arrangements.

The topics for discussion included:

  • Health 2020 objectives and timeline;
  • the Health 2020 stakeholder consultation process;
  • sub-national and cross-sectoral governance;
  • focus on the Social Determinants of Health;
  • the RHN re-launch event within the H2020 framework;
  • RHN as a stakeholder platform for H2020 development;
  • RHN Communication strategy;
  • the role of Regions in H2020 implementation; and
  • lessons from the Healthy Cities Network useful to RHN.