Health 2020

At the sixtieth session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe, Member States and partners gave WHO/Europe a strong, clear mandate to develop the new European health policy, Health 2020, to accelerate progress towards achieving the European Region’s health potential by 2020.

Its purpose is to strengthen health systems, revitalize public health infrastructures and institutions, engage the public and a range of health actors, and develop coherent and evidence-based policies and governance solutions capable of tackling health threats and sustaining improvements over time.

Health 2020 will build partnerships for action and capture promising innovations to tackle the complex determinants and drivers of health and health equity. This, in turn, will shape commitments and the capacity to develop effective policy interventions and governance responses both now and in the future.

As a policy umbrella, Health 2020 will also help to ensure coordination and coherence across all work that WHO/Europe, Member States and partners carry out on behalf of and with the population.

A research project mapping health inequities across the 53 European Member States will inform the process, and a diverse range of stakeholders will help develop the policy.