First WHO European Conference on the New European Policy for Health - Health 2020

Working together across sectors for health and well-being

28–29 November 2011, Israel

The First WHO European Conference on the New European Policy for Health, organized by WHO/Europe and hosted by Israel, is an important milestone in the development of the Health 2020 policy that the European Region plans to endorse formally in September 2012.

It has been recognized that most of the major public health challenges, including noncommunicable diseases and inequalities in health, cannot be addressed effectively without coordinated action across sectors at the global, European, national and local levels. One of the core aims of the new European policy for health – Health 2020 – is to promote and strengthen innovative ways of working across sector and agency boundaries for health and well-being. This also implies involving new stakeholders, actively exploring new means, and creating new partnerships while enriching existing ones.

The meeting aims to explore how a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach can further improve health and well-being, and to review and identify ways to establish or consolidate dialogue with critical stakeholders and all levels of government for Health 2020.

The meeting will bring together representatives from ministries of health and various sectors (experts or decision-makers), drawing on existing collaboration (such as environment, transport, education, social services or finance); advisers to prime ministers on health issues; parliamentarians (such as chairs of parliamentary health and social services committees); and regional representatives, mayors or senior government officials, and civil society. In addition to Member States, the meeting will also engage representatives from the European Commission and European Parliament and key international agencies.