Ms Sarah Boseley

Ms Boseley has been health editor of “The Guardian” for over 10 years, writing news stories, features and analyses on a wide range of issues both in and beyond the United Kingdom. While most of her work concerns medical, scientific and health policy issues within the United Kingdom, she has broadened her focus to respond to the increasing globalization of health and the needs of developing countries. Her coverage of AIDS in Africa won a number of major awards, including the Lorenzo Natali prize of the European Commission. She received the journalism award of the European School of Oncology for cancer coverage in 2006 and was named BMJ health communicator of the year in 2010 for her work on the problems of the drug-supply chain in Africa. She launched her global health blog on the Guardian web site in 2009. Ms Boseley joined “The Guardian” in 1984 as a general news reporter and later worked as education correspondent and as a writer on the paper’s former Europe section.