Meeting on coordinated support for HIV treatment in the WHO European Region

31 October 2013, Istanbul, Turkey

WHO/Europe organized a regional technical consultation in Istanbul on 28-31 October 2013, on the dissemination of the "Consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection".

Using the opportunity of having key actors and partners gathered, on 31 October, WHO/Europe, jointly with the UNAIDS Regional Support Team and the Global Fund eastern Europe and central Asia (EECA) team, convened a meeting under the chairmanship of the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy on HIV/AIDS in eastern Europe and central Asia primarily on coordinated technical assistance for HIV treatment, but also access to services for key populations and targeted prevention in the WHO European Region.

The meeting was framed primarily by treatment scale-up and dissemination of the new WHO consolidated guidance but also Treatment 2015, the Strategic Investment Framework for TB and the Global Fund regional strategy on HIV/AIDS for EECA developed with key UN and other partners in the Region. The meeting was planned for half a day as a side-event of the technical consultation. Country representatives from that consultation were given the opportunity to express their expectations for assistance in scaling up treatment.


The main objectives of the meeting were:

  1. to discuss country expectations with regard to technical assistance from WHO, UNAIDS and other technical partners for scaling up treatment;
  2. to discuss priorities (geographical, population-specific, and thematic) for technical assistance and policy support towards increased ownership in the Region;
  3. to discuss  mechanisms for coordinating and delivering HIV technical assistance and policy support;
  4. to discuss and agree steps in the provision and funding of technical assistance addressing role of UN and other technical partners and donors.