RHN 20th Annual General Meeting. Health 2020: better health through strengthened capacity at regional level

10–11 October 2013, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

The Regions for Health Network (RHN) celebrated its twentieth anniversary in Cardiff, the same city where the idea of creating this network began in 1991. At its 20th Annual General Meeting, RHN started revising its core activities to align them to Health 2020, thus supporting the implementation of the new European health policy framework at the regional level. It advances the work that started at the 2013 RHN Annual General Meeting when the Network embarked on this new phase of development.

The meeting at a glance

  • At the 20th Annual General Meeting, RHN renewed its commitment to implementing Health 2020 at the regional level.
  • RHN members agreed to place health at the top of the agenda in their regions, to draw attention to the determinants of health and health promotion, and to support a shift to a health-in-all-policies approach in health planning.
  • A practical tool to provide guidance on how RHN members could implement Health 2020 in their regions will be created. A publication will be developed for the Network to better explain how Health 2020 could be implemented at regional level.
  • Members' activities, publications and capacity-building events will be connected to the know-how areas. These areas will help the Network focus its efforts at regional level and improve the Network's cohesion.
  • Members acknowledged the importance of the language used when discussing the social determinants of health. Choosing the right words and delivery approach could make information more accessible and help improve political commitment and participation.
  • A new communications strategy will be implemented in 2014 to facilitate sharing of knowledge and best practices, to strengthen the Network's cohesion and to increase the participation of RHN members.