Noncommunicable diseases and development

Some parts of the WHO European Region have witnessed the stark consequences of social and economic upheaval, with loss of life resulting from deep recession and inequalities. While economic and social recovery and growth are becoming realities in many of the countries in the Region, they are still suffering from the legacy of an unacceptably high burden of preventable noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and a limited capacity for response.

Other parts of Europe focus on responding to financial crises, seeking to bring about growth and innovation, reducing expenditure and questioning the role of the state in people’s lives.

The Conference will provide the opportunity to consider ways:

  • to reduce the burden of NCDs and avoid compromising public health gains made over the last three decades;
  • to examine the close connections between NCDs and epidemiological, social, political and historical development;
  • to present the need for investment and return within a policy cycle; and
  • to seek possibilities for regional action and cooperation, as well as national drives, for NCD prevention and control.