Expert group meeting on European strategy for child and adolescent health: investing in children and adolescents – better health throughout life

Edinburgh, United Kingdom,  29-30 January 2014

An expert group was convened in Edinburgh, Scotland on 29-30 January 2014 to advise on revising the World Health Organization’s European strategy for Child and Adolescent Health and develop a child maltreatment prevention action plan. The meeting was hosted by Health Scotland, a WHO Collaborating Centre with expertise in public health development. There were a dozen experts in child and adolescent health present from several European countries.

The draft strategy and accompanying action plan will be presented to the Standing Committee of the Regional Committee for Europe and a policy consultation with Member States will also be held commencing in March 2014 for a 3-week period. Revisions to the action plan and strategy will be made to take into account comments from the consultation.

The policy documents are due for consideration by the Regional Committee at its 64th session in September 2014