Conference on “Access to health care: looking for a legal road map”

28-29 April, 2014 Riga, Latvia

The International conference was organized on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of Patients Rights Declaration, by the European Association of Health Law in cooperation with the Medical University of Latvia and the Ministry of Health of Latvia, with WHO participation.  Starting from health as value and precondition for economic growth and development, the conference became a forum for information exchange and debate on the current developments in health care laws and cross border care. Particular emphasis was given to the right to health, citizen’s growing involvement and mechanisms impacting universal access to health services, from a global and European perspective. Promoting patient safety is strictly connected with the development of consumer empowerment, including participation in the policy making process, and is expected to support the active partnership needed in the process of improving safety, quality and efficiency of health service delivery.
WHO has provided continued assistance to Latvia on patient’s rights from middle of 90’s via several Biennial Collaborative Agreements.  Since 2007 there is a Patients Rights Law in Latvia which also has been developed with strong technical support of EURO.