Workshop on the surveillance and monitoring of substandard/spurious/falsely labelled/falsified and counterfeit (SSFFC) medical products

27 – 29 May 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

SSFFC medical products have long been recognized to represent significant threat to public health by Member States, regional groups and various international organizations. Despite strong localized efforts and initiatives to tackle this issue there is still a lack of reliable and verified data of the Global scope, scale and harm caused by SSFFC medical products.

The WHO SSFFC Global Surveillance and Monitoring project is designed to significantly improve the quality and quantity of data concerning SSFFC products through the systematic and structured reporting to WHO via a rapid alert system. The system is designed to allow a more detailed analysis of incidents to be carried out by WHO in order to establish a clearer view of the threat posed to public health by SSFFC medical products. 

The 3-day workshop is designed to provide National Regulatory Authority focal points training in the use of the rapid alert system based on 5 recent incidents involving SSFFC medical products. This training will involve the completion and submission of an email reporting form. The objectives of the workshop are:

  • to understand the importance and benefit of reporting incidents involving SSFFC;
  • to train the pilot countries in the submission of reports of SSFFC using the new rapid alert system;
  • to practice the completion and submission of reports based upon real incidents that have occurred previously;
  • to recognise the benefits in working closely with pharmacovigilance and laboratory experts;
  • to understand WHO country and regional office responsibilities with respect to SSFFC;
  • to encourage pilot countries to establish networks within their respective countries with relevant stakeholders in order to capture reports of SSFFC .       

Participation is by invitation only.