Orientation workshop: Creating capacity to implement TIP, TIP FLU and TAP

23–24 June 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark

Approximately 20 consultants will receive training on application of the "Tailoring immunization programmes" (TIP) guide and related guides developed to promote uptake of influenza vaccination (TIP Flu) and support the response to antimicrobial resistance (TAP).

The aim of the workshop is to build a cadre of consultants that can be called upon to support implementation of upcoming projects and assignments where TIP, TIP FLU and TAP assistance is requested from WHO or directly from Member States. The training will result in a basic understanding of the tools used and will be accompanied by practice-based learning through project implementation.

This training workshop is an additional step towards assisting Member States in tailoring their responses to the needs of susceptible and vulnerable populations, or essential groups of health care workers, and improving the bottom-line impact of their programmes.