Regional meeting on strengthening laboratory capacities to support national programmes in eastern Europe and central Asia (EECA)

17-18 June 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark

Well-functioning, sustainable laboratory services, operating according to international principles of quality and safety, are an essential part of strong health systems and are crucial to improving public health. The analyses they provide offer a reliable foundation for evidence-based prevention and control of infectious diseases. In this context, the WHO Regional Office for Europe in collaboration with the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will convene a WHO Regional Meeting on Strengthening Laboratory Capacities to support national programmes in eastern Europe and central Asia (EECA)  in Copenhagen on 17-18 June 2014.

This meeting builds on two WHO regional initiatives: “Strengthening the Regional Laboratory Capacity in support to the national HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs in EECA” a WHO/CDC joint initiative and “Better Labs for Better Health” initiative to improve laboratory services in  EECA, including capacity building required under the International Health Regulations

The meeting will provide an opportunity for open dialogue on key policies and best laboratory practices in the WHO European Region. Leading experts from selected EECA countries will gather together charged with the development of background and working materials to discuss the frameworks of regional initiatives on capacity building, sustainability of laboratory services and integration of best laboratory practices into the national programs.