Scientific symposium: Epidemiology today between East and West

This scientific symposium is being organized by the University of Sarajevo in collaboration with WHO/Europe programme on Influenza and other respiratory pathogens.  It will bring together epidemiologists from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the neighboring countries (Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) to discuss education and best practice in epidemiology in the Region and worldwide. There will also be discussion of future steps in improvement and strengthening in this field.

Other topics to be discussed include:

  • Influenza and other severe respiratory pathogens;
  • Chronic disease epidemiology e.g. new approaches on prevention with models in population risk calculation, diabetes mellitus epidemiology etc;
  • One health concept in communicable disease prevention and control;
  • Epidemiology in emergency situations /disaster epidemiology

This Symposium presents an opportunity to share results between colleagues.  In parallel to the plenaries, poster sessions will be organized so participants can highlight relevant results in epidemiology.