EVIPNet Europe training-the-trainers workshop

14–17 October 2014, Bled, Slovenia

Following the launch of its pilot phase last year, the European Evidence-Informed Policy Network  (EVIPNet Europe) is focusing on building national capacity in evidence-informed policy-making to support the implementation of Health 2020. To facilitate a shift towards an environment favourable to the systematic use of evidence in decision-making, local researchers, policy-makers and civil-society organizations need to be enabled to find and use research evidence, prioritize problems and develop and implement policies and programmes.

EVIPNet Europe is therefore organizing its first training-the-trainers workshop on using research evidence for policy-making in Bled, Slovenia. About 22 participants from 12 Member States will take part.

The workshop will consist of facilitated interactive sessions on EVIPNet Europe and theories and approaches for knowledge translation, as well as a small-group exercise to develop skills in searching for, appraising and packaging research evidence. This will be followed by sessions on teaching methodologies that are designed to prepare participants to become expert trainers in methodologies for evidence-informed policy-making in their countries.

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • to enhance participants’ skills in acquiring, assessing, adapting and applying research evidence;
  • to teach participants the fundamentals of how to prepare evidence briefs for policy and organize policy dialogues; and
  • to enable participants to become facilitators for future EVIPNet Europe events for capacity building.