International Healthy Cities Conference 2014 - 25 years of the Healthy Cities movement

22–25 October 2014, Athens, Greece

The Conference marked 25 years of the European and global Healthy Cities movement: one of the most thriving and enduring international public health initiatives. The Conference offered the opportunity to celebrate and take stock of Healthy Cities’ collective achievements, which are based on the leadership and creativity of hundreds of cities across Europe and around the world.

The Conference’s objectives were:
  • to demonstrate the importance of action to improve health and well-being at the local and urban levels;
  • to explore the key role of local governments in and the implications of local leadership and governance for health;
  • to share the innovative good practices of Healthy Cities and Healthy Communities initiatives across WHO regions; and
  • to share visions of and strengthen commitment to health and high-quality living in cities.

Participants had ample opportunities to share experience and use these exchanges as a basis for reflecting on and learning from a wealth of innovative solutions.

Ultimately, the Conference enabled political leaders, health professionals and activists to shape their visions for the future and to renew and reinvigorate their commitment to health, sustainable development and the Healthy Cities movement.

To mark the occasion, the Government of Greece issued a special commemorative stamp, whose first-day cover was postmarked 22 October 2014.


The WHO European Healthy Cities Network consists of nearly 100 cities and towns from 30 countries in the WHO European Region that are committed to health and sustainable development. Members are also linked through national, regional, metropolitan and thematic Healthy Cities networks.