Regional consultation on “European validation of the minimal information model for patient safety incidents reporting and learning”

12 November( provisional) 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark

The project on the European validation of minimal information model for patient safety incident reporting and learning (MIMPS), that is being developed under an EU grant agreement with WHO, has started. The concept of MIMPS aims to describe the minimal instances of data, and their relations, to provide minimally sufficient information about patient safety incidents. The goal of this model is to be used as a common template by health care institutions to make possible to collect, review, compare and analyze incident report across institutional borders. The project is country driven, and aims to test the compatibility of existing reporting systems with MIMPS and invite national institutions to assess feasibility of adapting or building new reporting systems based on MIMPS. It builds on previous experience of European patient safety network and of the DG SANCO subgroup on reporting and learning. Piloting of the minimal model is being initiated in 15 European countries. The results of the piloting will be analyzed, compared and presented during the regional event. The ultimate scope of the consultation is to validate an agreed MIMPS and a common reporting terminology.