EVIPNet Europe steering group meeting

28 January 2015  Vilnius, Lithuania

The Evidence and Information for Policy Unit in the Division of Information, Evidence, Research and Innovation is organizing the EVIPNet (WHO Evidence-Informed Policy Network) Europe steering group meeting to review key strategic and technical documents and tools, and to jointly plan, strategize and brainstorm the ways forward of EVIPNet Europe. This meeting will precede the first technical expert meeting to enhance evidence-informed policy-making in the WHO European Region on 29-30 January 2015.

During the meeting, the members will review:

  • the EVIPNet Europe strategy and the operational plan 2015-17;
  • the Terms of Reference of the steering group;
  • the situation analysis as a first step towards the establishment of national advisory bodies, so-called knowledge translation platforms; and
  • issues related to communication and advocacy, as well as collaboration and partnerships with key stakeholders.

Key agreements, actions and next steps will be formulated.

The EVIPNet Europe steering group exists as a consultative body, advising the WHO Secretariat of EVIPNet Europe on its overall strategy and direction for EVIPNet Europe. In addition, the group members act as ambassadors for EVIPNet Europe within the scientific community in the Region advocating for the network, and provide oversight.