First technical expert meeting to enhance evidence-informed policy-making in the WHO European Region

29–30 January 2015, Vilnius, Lithuania

WHO/Europe is organizing the meeting to follow the meeting of the EVIPNet (WHO Evidence-Informed Policy Network) Europe steering group on 28 January. The technical meeting will bring together representatives of institutions, subject-matter experts and knowledge brokers in the European Region to elaborate the science and practice of evidence-informed policy-making. About 22 experts from 13 Member States will take part.

The specific objectives are:

  • to share experience at the national, regional and global levels that are relevant to strengthening the links between research and policy;
  • to help develop a regional roadmap for evidence-informed policy-making: its vision, strategic objectives and activities;
  • to establish a network of institutions, experts and knowledge brokers for evidence-informed policy-making in the Region; and
  • to establish a common understanding how evidence-informed policy-making can and will contribute to making more effective and efficient health policies.

The meeting is expected to produce the following results:

  • a roadmap of enhanced action for evidence-informed policy-making;
  • a draft checklist to show when a health policy is evidence informed;
  • a survey/questionnaire to develop baseline information on countries’ capacity to generate, analyse and apply research evidence to decision-making; and
  • a community of practice, comprising individual experts and institutions, to advocate and advance the science and practice of evidence-informed policy-making.