Report of the Multicountry antimicrobial resistance workshop





Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is recognized as one of the major health threats of our time. Addressing this complex public health problem requires action in all relevant sectors, including human health, veterinary health, agriculture, environment and education to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics by discouraging their misuse and overuse, and by gathering data to track resistance and usage patterns. The 2011 European strategic action plan on antibiotic resistance (EUR/RC61/14) outlined seven strategic objectives in a comprehensive response to AMR. Since then the Regional Office has provided targeted assistance to Member States, building capacity to address the challenges posed by AMR. Continuing to deliver on the objectives of the action plan, the Regional Office invited delegates from 17 countries to participate in eight programmes aimed at providing targeted input, and creating a unique opportunity to share experiences for the different participant profiles, including microbiologists, epidemiologists, pharmacists and clinicians.