Environmental health inequalities in Malta



Reason for initiation

The WHO report on environmental health inequalities in Malta presents the first national assessment of the magnitude and distribution of environmental health inequalities in the Maltese Islands.

Strategies in place or planned

The national report considers various environmental exposures in relation to a number of socioeconomic, demographic and other determinants. The assessment is based on a set of 14 core inequality indicators related to housing, injuries and the environment developed by WHO/Euro. National databases were used to identify the most disadvantaged population subgroups; this provided a good snapshot of the current distribution of environmental risk factors, indicating that environmental health inequalities are a reality in Malta.

Outcomes and next steps

The report identifies a number of environmental health inequalities where targeted action is required. An effective response will only be possible through further research, shared responsibility and continued interministerial and intersectoral commitment to collaborative action towards the reduction of inequalities affecting the most vulnerable groups in Maltese society.

Organization(s) involved 

Ministry for Energy and Health

WHO European Centre for Environment and Health, Bonn, Germany