Commitment to close immunization gaps – examples from the WHO European Region

European Immunization Week (EIW) 2015 celebrates 10 years of progress in furthering the European Region's immunization goals. As in previous years, EIW 2015 is also an important opportunity to raise awareness that while the Region has generally high immunization coverage, pockets of vulnerability remain in under-immunized communities. Commitment to close these gaps is urgently needed, and is therefore the main message of EIW 2015.

Contexts differ across the European Region, and needed approaches to reach universal coverage will therefore also vary. The following stories give a glimpse of steps being taken in several parts of the Region to identify and address gaps in immunization coverage, or to implement a comprehensive approach to stop an outbreak in its tracks. Together they illustrate commitment at local, regional and national levels to improve the current status of immunization in the Region.