Valentina Sarkisova, Chair of the European Forum of National Nursing and Midwifery Associations, President of the Russian Nurses Association

Valentina Sarkisova

Immunization as a strategy to prevent diseases and promote health is of crucial importance; and nurses and midwives across the European Region play a leading role in immunizing children, adults and elderly people, teaching patients and families on the need to be immunized, planning the vaccination activities and directly providing the immunization.  

Today our joint efforts in providing immunization are needed more than ever. Populations confronted with multiple opinions need to be supported in making the choices on immunization, and be properly and adequately informed. Refusals from immunization especially those made for babies and children are too costly in terms of lost health and decreased quality of life. Here nurses and midwives can speak with one voice, which is supported with evidence, their professional knowledge and expertise. Nurses and midwives are able to both provide and signpost the public to accurate and reliable sources of information to enable people to make informed choices about their families' health.

On behalf of the European Forum of National Nursing and Midwifery Associations, we would like to congratulate the World Health Organization with the 10th Anniversary of the European Immunization Week and urge all national associations and all nurses and midwives of the Region to be proactive in implementing advocacy measures and fulfilling their role in vaccination.