EVIPNet Europe: 3rd multicountry meeting on using research evidence for policy-making

10–12 June 2015, Trakai, Lithuania

Ms Rimantė Šalaševičiūtė, Minister of Health of Lithuania, will open the 3rd multicountry meeting of the Evidence-informed Policy Network (EVIPNet). This meeting is part of an ongoing effort to work toward building national capacity in evidence-informed policy-making (EIP) to support the implementation of Health 2020. EVIPNet Europe focuses on increasing country capacity to promote the systematic use of research evidence in health policy-making, and institutionalizing national research-to-policy efforts. EVIPNet has received high-level ministerial support throughout.

After the first multicountry meeting in 2013 in Turkey, and the second multicounty meeting (a training-the-trainer workshop) in 2014 in Slovenia, this year's multicountry meeting in Lithuania will again provide opportunities for countries to gain skills, capacity and practical "how-to-do's" for expanding the systematic use of research evidence in health policy-making. The objectives of this multicountry meeting are to:

  • facilitate an exchange of country experiences and lessons learned in implementing the EVIPNet Europe pilot phase;
  • provide peer-support for countries to revise their EIP roadmaps, with a focus on the interfaces between EVIPNet Europe and Health 2020;
  • enhance participants' skills in communicating and advocating for EIP, and develop national engagement strategies; 
  • provide concrete and practical steps and resources on how to operationalize a knowledge translation platform through developing strategies, work plans and monitoring and evaluation plans; and
  • train participants to become facilitators for future EVIPNet Europe policy dialogues.

Special focus will be placed on participants' "learning by doing" and acquiring the necessary skills to promote EIP among national stakeholders, as well as becoming facilitators for policy dialogues in their countries. The meeting will also feature a high-level panel discussion, and the launch of EVIPNet Europe's newest communication platform – the virtual forum – that will help members to share knowledge and experiences across the WHO European Region. Heads of country offices from 17 countries and nominated participants have been invited to this event, which is co-financed by the Lithuanian Ministry of Health.