Pharmaceutical policies and rational use of medicines multicountry consultation

7–11 September 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark

The aim of the consultation is to bring together high-level academics, stakeholders and policy-makers to discuss current challenges and opportunities in pharmaceutical policies. A specific programme for 7 September focuses on reviewing and sharing effective governance practices and strategies for improving access to medicines, and addressing the implementation of World Health Assembly resolution WHA67.22 on access to essential medicines. On 8 September, the focus will be on high-price medicines – affordability and sustainable access – and consulting on the next steps in providing health technologies and pharmaceuticals (HTP) country support. This will be followed by a meeting on 9–10 September for antimicrobial medicines consumption (AMC) network members with the purpose of reviewing country AMC data for 2012–2013, and finalizing analysis in order to proceed with publication of these data. The workshop will conclude with individual meetings taking place on 11 September.