Enhancing evidence-informed decision-making in Europe: preconference event at 8th EPH Conference

14–15 October 2015, Milan, Italy

WHO/Europe is organizing a preconference lunch-to-lunch meeting with the aim to provide reflections on its accelerated roadmap on evidence-informed policy-making (EIP), to share experiences and openly debate how to enhance EIP. It invites participants at the 8th European Public Health (EPH) Conference to join efforts at national, European and organizational levels.

The meeting is organized together with Health Services Research (HSR) Europe and the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) section on HSR and the EUPHA section. The target audience is stakeholders of all levels in the health services and public health research community, established experts on EIP and knowledge translation (KT), knowledge brokering organizations, policy-makers, managers and other decision-makers in health care, and other stakeholders and nongovernmental organizations at national and European levels.

Need to improve linkages between research evidence and policies

Within the WHO European Region, efforts have been initiated to increase the general understanding of EIP, raise awareness about tools and resources available to support the use of research evidence in health policy-making, identify capacities for KT in countries, and support countries to engage in and foster EIP (e.g. through the Evidence-informed Policy Network (EVIPNet) Europe). Despite strengthened efforts to foster the systematic and transparent use of research evidence in health policy-making, the landscape of EIP efforts throughout the Region remains scattered. Increased commitment and concerted interventions are needed to further establish and scale up KT mechanisms to improve the linkages between available research evidence and policies.

WHO's approach

In 2014, the European Advisory Committee on Health Research (EACHR) established a subcommittee to advance EIP as a key mechanism across governments and societies for the implementation of the Health 2020 policy framework. The subcommittee submitted a concept note to the Standing Committee of the Regional Committee suggesting 4 options on how WHO could promote EIP throughout the Region. Member States expressed strong support and requested WHO to consolidate its EIP actions, and develop an accelerated roadmap to enhance EIP in the Region.

In January 2015, the first technical expert meeting was held in Vilnius, Lithuania to gather key stakeholders including policy-makers, researchers and KT experts in order to develop a joint framework of EIP actions, an accelerated roadmap which would lay out a foundation for cohesion and collaboration of stakeholders with a vested interest in fostering EIP.

Call for joint actions

The roadmap calls for joint actions of all stakeholders in the WHO European Region. The preconference will provide a unique floor to both WHO and EIP stakeholders to critically reflect on the roadmap, form future collaborations, and establish joint commitments and investment in EIP at the national and regional levels.


Registration information is on the EPH Conference website.