Rotavirus Sentinel Surveillance Network meeting for Newly Independent States (NIS)

15–16 October 2015, Antalya, Turkey

This subregional meeting on rotavirus surveillance will be attended by national surveillance and laboratory coordinators responsible for implementation of surveillance for rotaviral diarrhoea from 7 countries of the WHO European Region and scientists from the WHO Regional Reference Laboratory.

The objectives of the meeting are to:

  • discuss progress achieved in rotavirus sentinel surveillance and improvement of data quality and to define future priorities in this area;
  • present analysis of regional and country distribution of rotavirus genotypes; 
  • present and discuss utilization of rotavirus surveillance data to make informed decisions on introduction of rotavirus vaccine and evaluate a new vaccine's impact;
  • discuss sustainability of and future plans for sentinel surveillance systems.

The expected results of the meeting are:

  • defined needs for further capacity building and support needed from WHO and partners;
  • shared positive experiences and best practices in sentinel surveillance implementation and case-control studies;
  • defined role of surveillance in providing evidence for decision making and evaluation of new vaccine impact;
  • defined regional priorities and commitment in further strengthening and future ownership of rotavirus surveillance.