Workshop on vaccine procurement performance and access to vaccine pricing information

16-18 December 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark

The aim of this workshop is to strengthen national capacities on vaccine procurement and increase access to quality-assured vaccines at an affordable and optimum price by improving access to vaccine prices and vaccine market information and implementing procurement performance monitoring processes.

Together with WHO, representatives of 16 Member States will: 

  • highlight the benefits of expanding transparency of vaccine prices and use of vaccine pricing information; 
  • understand the global vaccine market trends and their implications on vaccine procurement and supply; 
  • review the vaccine market situation for selected priority vaccines; 
  • exchange country experiences and review strategies that lead to efficiency gains in vaccine procurement; 
  • review sources of vaccine price data and understand benefits, limitations of data and how to use them to guide vaccine procurement decisions; 
  • improve knowledge in regard to methods, tools and techniques to monitor performance of vaccine procurement; 
  • develop country action plans to facilitate access to quality-assured vaccines at an affordable and optimum price.