Journalist-to-journalist – Workshop on tobacco control in the Newly Independent States

3–4 March 2016, Moscow, Russian Federation

Reporting on tobacco control requires understanding of the benefits to public health. The aim of this workshop is to present the latest findings and data on tobacco control to journalists in the Newly Independent States (NIS) to help them understand the situation and strategies that work in their own and neighbouring countries.

The issues in tobacco control will be presented in a newsworthy yet evidence-based manner. The workshop will include: an introduction to the initiatives for tobacco control that work, an overview of the information available on WHO databases, country experiences and how the NIS countries compare with other WHO/Europe Member States with regard to tobacco control and tobacco-related diseases.

The workshop has been organized for Russian-language journalists and media professionals with a focus on health, including tobacco issues. Participation is by invitation only. The workshop has been made possible by funding from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.