Poliovirus biorisk management training

This is the second poliovirus biorisk management training organized by WHO/Europe to facilitate implementation of the WHO global action plan to minimize poliovirus facility-associated risk after type-specific eradication of wild polioviruses and sequential cessation of OPV use (GAPIII). The training is intended for European national polio containment coordinators, representatives of candidate poliovirus containment facilities planning to handle and store wild poliovirus type 2, and national regulatory authorities for containment.

The objectives are to provide an understanding of:

  • GAP III requirements for national physical containment and biorisk management systems; 
  • principles and concepts of biosafety and the biosecurity management system; 
  • laboratory assessment and the laboratory certification mechanism.


Containment of polioviruses, as laid out in GAP III, is taking place in 3 phases linked to global milestones in polio eradication.  Following interruption of wild poliovirus (WPV) transmission globally, the safe handling and containment of WPV infectious and potential infectious materials in laboratory and vaccine production facilities will be essential to minimize the risk of reintroducing WPV into the population.